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Manicures Sarasota

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Acrylic Manicures

Acrylic - Fill

2 hours 

Acrylic Fill Only - Medium/long length - if nails need to be shortened. Shaped into different shape than original, additional charge.

Acrylic - Add Gel Polish

30 minutes 

Soak off gel on acrylic nails - ADD TO ACRYLIC FILL SERVICE

Acrylic - Almond or Round/Oval Shapes

30 minutes 

Shape acrylic nails into almond or round/oval from original shape.

Acrylic - Soak Off

30 minutes 

Soak off acrylic - remove acrylic from nails. DOES NOT INCLUDE A MANICURE.


B/S Brace

30 minutes


Price is per nail. Revolutionary correction of curvature of toenail. Relives pain and pressure from extreme involuted and/or ingrown toenails. Fiberglass brace is clear/invisible and polish can be applied after service. NOT A PEDICURE. BUT CAN BE ADDED TO A PEDICURE SERVICE (NO SOAKING DURING PEDICURE DUE TO B/S BRACE APPLICATION).


Gel Manicures


Gel Manicure

1 hour

Includes trim, file, shaping of nails, cuticle care and finish with choice of single gel color application. Includes removal of soakable gel polish currently on nails. Lasts up to two weeks

Gel Manicure - French or American

1 hour 10 minutes

Includes removal of soakable gel polish, trim, file, shaping of nails, cuticle care and finish with French or American application - lasts up to two weeks.

Gel Removal Only - Hands

30 minutes

Removal of soak-off gel from nails only. No Manicure included.

Hard Gel Fill

2 hours

Hard Gel fill - additional charge ($10) for almond, oval/round shaping. $10+ for long/extra long nails

Hard Gel Removal

45 minutes

Removal of hard gel - file and shape nails. No polish, gel or manicure service included. Can be added to Manicure or Gel service.

Chrome - Gel Manicure Service Required

30 minutes

Chrome powder on nails or toes - Can ONLY be applied over gel polish. Add gel service to this service.

Gel on Toes/Added to Pedicure I, II, Specialty or Medi/Pedi

30 minutes

Gel on toes added to Pedicure I, II, Specialty or Medi/Pedi services. Includes removal of soak off gel polish currently on toenails.



Manicure - Intensive

1 hour

Ideal for nails that require additional TLC. Includes trim, shaping of nails, scrub, and cuticle care.

Manicure - Intermediate

1 hour

Ideal for clients that receive manicures on a regular basis: includes trim, scrub, shaping of nails, and cuticle care. Unisex.


Manicure - BASIC - No Polish

45 minutes

Ideal for nails that receive regular manicures: includes trim, shaping of nails, cuticle care. No polish included. Unisex



Polish Change - Hands

30 minutes

Remove nail polish, nail shaping, and application of nail polish.

Glitter - Hands

30 minutes

Add loose glitter to your soak off gel or nail polish. Add Manicure or Gel polish service to this service.

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