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Nail Repair / Adverse/Allergic Affect

Repair Policy:

We do not charge for products, we charge for our expertise and labor. as a result, it is not possible to offer refunds for our time spent servicing your appointment.  However, in the event there is a nail service breakdown (chips/lifts in regular nail polls, gel polish, or acrylic) we reserve the opportunity to fix with the same exact service to remedy.  The window for such given notice of needed repair will be within 48 hours of the associated appointment.  Your patronage and cooperation with our policy is greatly appreciated.

**All Sales Are Final - The Nail Lab reserves the right to review each client’s concern on a case by case basis.

Adverse/Allergic Affect:

Please let us know if you have any concerns or allergies of any product/s that may have an adverse or allergic affect.

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