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Sarasota Mobile Manicure

Sarasota Mobile Manicure…We make ‘house calls!’


On Location Service –

Mobile Travel Surcharge: Tolls for bridges and parking (if applicable) will be charged separately. DO NOT BOOK ONLINE. Please email: including the location details to book requests – case by case arrangements made.


Mobile Manicure  - $90*

Mobile Gel Manicure  - $126*

Mobile Dazzle Dry Manicure $125*

Mobile Pedicure -  $165*

Mobile Dazzle Dry Pedicure $205*

Mobile Gel Pedicure - $195*

Mobile Acrylic Fill - $186*

Mobile Hard Gel Fill - $196*

Mobile Fingernail/Toenail Trimming: $130*

Soak off Acrylic/Dip Powder $90*

Outdoor Nail Service Fee - $50

Mobile Service Fee - $45+ (Varies based on location of mobile service required) 

Mobile Service Fee - Each additional person - $20

*Please note - price will be based on condition of hands/feet, and length of fingernails.


The mobile nail spa makes ‘house calls’ providing services to the elderly/shut-ins in retirement homes, assisted living, and rehabilitation therapy. Mobile nail services can be provided for your event. Please call 941-417-0809 or email : for event pricing.  

A minimum of two services are required for mobile nail services. Pricing is the same for children regardless of age. 

The Nail Lab is not responsible for the quality or durability of gel polish/polish that is applied to hands / feet in an outdoor setting.

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